…I don’t believe that quantum dot solar is the solution because I’m in the quantum dot solar business, but rather,
I’m in the quantum dot solar business because I believe it is the only viable solution to the world’s future energy needs. If we are going to solve the global warming issue, we will need to make all of you believers, too.

—Stephen B. Squires
President & CEO of Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc.
Quantum Dots: Future Energy Solution, 2009

Quantum Materials Corp.

Solterra Renewable Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp, an OTC listed public company trading under the ticker, QTMM. Quantum Materials is working to develop and supply leading global display, lighting, and photovoltaic solar manufacturers with innovative quantum dots having the best performance, stability, and cost advantages. These are the quantum dots that industries need to develop the next generation of nanotechnology products at economical price points. Quantum Materials uses environmentally friendly processes that scale easily.

QD Solar Cells

Quantum Dot Solar Cells, unlike conventional silicon solar cells, convert the entire spectrum from ultraviolet to visible light to infrared into electricity and have a maximum potential quantum efficiency of 65% compared to half that amount using current silicon-based technology

(A. Nozik, NREL, 2005)