Quantum Dot Solar Cells (QDSC)

Solterra Renewable Technologies solar energy solution will compete on a non-subsidized basis with the price of retail electricity in key markets worldwide. Revolutionary 3rd-generation quantum dot solar cells (QDSC) utilizing high-volume synthesis  of quantum dots formulated as the broad-spectrum photon absorber in solar cells and using high-speed roll-to-roll printing technologies can effectively convert solar energy to electricity at less than half the price of competition.

Tetrapod Quantum Dots

Quantum Materials has developed a more cost-effective method of production for tetrapod quantum dots delivering better shape selectivity and reproducible high yields with uniformity of size, unmatched in the industry. Tetrapods differ from common Spherical quantum dots in that their synthesis forms four equi-spaced arms that give it specific characteristics and advantages. In photovoltaics, they can transform light into electricity for solar energy cells.
They can also can emit two colors from one energy source (Breaking Kasha’s Rule). Solterra’s research has shown that four-armed quantum dots are many times more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity than common spherical quantum dots.