Quantum Dot Solar Cells (QDSC)

Solterra Renewable Technologies solar energy solution will compete on a non-subsidized basis with the price of retail electricity in key markets worldwide. Revolutionary 3rd-generation quantum dot solar cells (QDSC) utilizing high-volume synthesis  of quantum dots formulated as the broad-spectrum photon absorber in solar cells and using high-speed roll-to-roll printing technologies can effectively convert solar energy to electricity at less than half the price of competition.

Automated Flexographic Printing

Next-generation quantum dot solar cell factories will use new thin-film flexographic roll-to-roll printing methods at a fraction of the capital expenditure of same-size  silicon panel factories. Advantages of the  flexographic method include the ability to potentially increase printing press speeds of up to 600 meters/minute with  modern printers, large rolls that can be cut to finished size, low viscosity ink formulations for faster drying and the ability to bond layers of the solar cell together in-line. Production can be scaled-up by increasing the running speed without a large increase in infrastructure costs and is a major factor in lowering the levelized cost of energy over the life of the production system.