Quantum Dot Solar Cells (QDSC)

Solterra Renewable Technologies solar energy solution will compete on a non-subsidized basis with the price of retail electricity in key markets worldwide. Revolutionary 3rd-generation quantum dot solar cells (QDSC) utilizing high-volume synthesis  of quantum dots formulated as the broad-spectrum photon absorber in solar cells and using high-speed roll-to-roll printing technologies can effectively convert solar energy to electricity at less than half the price of competition.

Superior Electron Transport

QMC’s Tetrapod Quantum Dots four “arms” are proven better as a natural  pathway for electron or charge transport out of the quantum dot. Solterra scientists have published that longer arms on tetrapods have better charge transport than shorter legged tetrapod QD. Additionally, tetrapod QD are self-aligning like a nanoantenna with the top arm ready to absorb the sun’s rays. Both absorption of photons and charge transport are enhanced by the longer arms of the tetrapod so less are needed, resulting in better performance for a lower cost per watt and further lowering materials manufacturing costs.