Quantum Dot Solar Cells (QDSC)

Solterra Renewable Technologies solar energy solution will compete on a non-subsidized basis with the price of retail electricity in key markets worldwide. Revolutionary 3rd-generation quantum dot solar cells (QDSC) utilizing high-volume synthesis  of quantum dots formulated as the broad-spectrum photon absorber in solar cells and using high-speed roll-to-roll printing technologies can effectively convert solar energy to electricity at less than half the price of competition.

Balance of Systems

Solterra’s quantum dot solar cells will have new forms and dimensions and require designing new mounts and installation processes. Balance of Systems (BOS) costs have traditionally been high and lowering these costs is a prime way to lower the cost of installed solar and total system cost. Light weight quantum dot solar cells can have larger surface areas requiring fewer cells to install possible reducing the number of mounts and shortening installation time. Quantum dot solar cell factories will create skilled jobs from the sales of these affordable solar cell systems. Communities gain through pollution reduction, lower electricity bills, availability of residential electricity, and powering commercial equipment in industry.