The Solterra Advantage

Solterra will be producing and distributing a Thin Film Quantum Dot PV Solar Cell which is differentiated from other PV cells by a unique technology that results in lower cost, higher efficiency, and broader spectral performance. Solterra's Quantum Dot Solar Cell achieves a dramatically lower manufacturing cost per watt because no vacuum equipment is required, no expensive silicon is required and low-cost screen printing and/or inkjet techniques are used on inexpensive substrates. Secondly, the Solterra Thin Film Quantum Dot Solar Cell has the potential to generate multiple excitons from each proton providing the potential for exponential improvements in conversion efficiency. Third, Solterra's PV cell is not only more efficient in the early morning and late afternoon compared to crystalline silicon PV cells, but it also has the potential to harvest light energy in the infrared and ultraviolet spectra.

Solterra's Solar cells will be competitively priced with the potential to reduce prices even further as economies of scale come into affect.

Conventional Solar Panels   Solterra Solar Panels
Installed cost is more than $6.00 per watt > Installed cost is more than $3.29 per watt
Typically requires high cost processing/production equipment
> Requires inexpensive screen printing and inkjet equipment
Requires silicon wafers which are both expensive and in short supply > Requires low cost quantum dots produced by Solterra from inexpensive, readily available materials
Efficiency is reduced over time > Solterra Quantum dots have a protective shell thereby increasing stability and preserving efficiency
Converts only visible light to electricity > Can convert both visible and less than visible light to electricity, this allows a longer, more efficient harvesting day thereby creating more electricity